Across the Atlantic

Wednesday, June 11th, 2014
3:25 PM

Alicia Rivera pushed open the back door to OCD and ran down the marble steps towards her car. He pink, Tory Burch flats were brand new and killing her feet with every step she took. She had only one hour before her flight left for Spain. Her mother and father had planned the trip last summer and Alicia had been looking forward to it ever since. Last night, Alicia stayed up until 3 AM packing her bags and brushing up on her Spanish accent. The long hours of packing weren’t so bad, because she spent most of it FaceTiming with the PC modeling different Spain worthy outfits.

“Hi Len, are my parents still waiting at home?” Alicia asked her driver as she got into the family Audi.

“Yes, and quite impatiently might I add.” Len replied as he shut the door behind her.

“Do you think we have time for a Starbucks run? I’m in serious need of an iced coffee.”

“They have a Starbucks in the airport Ms. Rivera…I don’t think your mother and father would be to happy with that pit stop.”

Alicia sighed and dug around in her Michael Kors purse for her iPhone. She had a text from the group message with the PC.

Have so much fun in Spain! See you next week! We love you! -Massie, Kristen, Dylan, and Claire.

Alicia replied and stared out the window until Len pulled into the Rivera’s round-a-bout driveway.

“Thanks Len! See ya next week!” Alicia called as she slammed the car door.

Wednesday, June 11th, 2o14
Rivera household
Alicia’s bedroom

Alicia shut the door to her bedroom and threw her purse onto her brown duvet. Her Louis Vuttion suitcases were packed and sitting on the floor next to her bed. All she needed to do now was change into a more comfortable, plane suitable outfit and she’d be on her way.

alicia bedroom

Alicia chose a red blouse, blue and white pin striped high waisted shorts, Michael Kors watch and purse, gold drop earrings, and blue Tory Burch flip flops. It was cute enough to arrive to Spain in and comfy enough for an 11 hour plane ride.


“Alicia let’s go!” Alicia’s mom called from downstairs

“Coming!!” She grabbed her phone charger and two Louis suitcases and shut her bedroom door behind her. She handed over one of her suit cases to the housekeeper and carried the other one down the black and white tile steps. Alicia’s mother was so in love with Spanish architecture, that when she built the house years ago she just had to have a water fountain, and small palm trees in the middle of their house.

“Hey mom, couldn’t you have made the fountain a little smaller, it’s a pain to to walk around.” Alicia said as she made her way down the steps and around the fountain towards the front door.

“Oh boohoo. Stop whining and lets go.” Alicia’s father said as he hurried her along.

All the bags were put into their car and they finally left for the airport.

“This is going to be so fun Alicia, the last time you were in Spain you were almost three months old, so you don’t remember anything.”

Alicia blocked her mothers rambling out as she scrolled through Twitter. She was looking at pictures that OCD students had tweeted of their last day of school pool parties and bonfires. A little part of her was sad about missing the first week of Summer, but she’d have the time of her life in Spain, and be back with the PC before she knew it.



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~Tanned and Dangerous

Look what the wind blew in.

The PC and I followed Massie’s lead to the luggage belt where we would pick up our bags, and drive to the hotel.

The PC spread out across the large belt and began looking for our bags. Massie’s bags weren’t hard to miss. Light purple with the Coach logo printed on them. Mine were easy as well. Vintage Versace suitcases in pastel colors.

I grabbed all four of my bags and set them down next me. I unzipped my Coach purse and checked to make sure I wasn’t missing anything. Good, everything was in its place. The plane ride had been easy. No annoying kids, or seat kickers. Everything went just as planned.

We walked over to the McDonalds, and gave Dylan our orders so the rest of us could sit down and rest for a minute.

“Leesh, look over there by the soda fountain.” Massie whispered in my ear.

I glanced over the line of people waiting in line to fill up their cups, and noticed a short girl with unevenly cut blonde hair. Claire Lyons. NO. There was no way. Claire was in Orlando for Summer Break.

“Leesh! Mass! Was a coincidence!” Massie and I looked at each other in shock as Claire’s annoyingly happy voice grew closer to our table. I looked over to the cash register and Dylan and Kristen were standing there, holding two trays, mouths wide open, looking in our direction.

“What the hell?” Dylan mouthed.

Claire’s mom, Judy, ran over to our table and sat down next to Massie’s mom, Kendra. “Our flights got completely confused! There’s no way for us to make it back to Florida.”

“Oh no, what a shame.” Kendra said pouting.

“Come stay with us! We’ve got plenty of room!” Massie’s dad suggested.

Massie’s eyes grew wide with rage, and she hit her dad on the arm.

“Mass, what is she DOING HERE!?” Kristen and Dylan came running over to our table, and set down the two trays of fast food.

“I have no idea but she’s not getting away with it.” Massie said.

The hotel we were staying at was beautiful. The bellhop showed us to our rooms, and we all got unpacked and settled. After unpacking, Dylan put her hand to her mouth and announced that the fast food had given her an upset stomach. She immediately ran into the bathroom.

“Well, that will get well broken in.” Kristen said laughing.

“Ew!” Massie and I said at the same time.

The PC and I headed to bed about two hours after arriving,  but not Massie. She said she was going to explore to the hotel. Massie left the room with a confident stride, and a serious look. I knew she wasn’t going to “explore” she was going to tell Claire Lyon’s to stay out of the way, which didn’t bother me at all.


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High hopes in Hollywood!

I woke to the sound of my phone playing Miley Cyrus’s new song “We Can’t Stop”. Bright morning sun was bursting through my pink silk curtains and my three Louis Vuitton suitcases were packed and ready for baggage check.

I picked up my phone and turned off my alarm. Right as I set my phone back down, Massie called.

“Wake up girlie! California awaits! Be at my house in 20 minutes, Inez is making breakfast!” Massie sounded as if she’d been up all night, which knowing Massie, she probably was.

“Okay, I’ll be there.” I replied still sounding like I’d just woken up.

I slowly rolled out of bed and sauntered over to my walk in closet. I threw open the french doors and walked to the back of my closet where I kept my dresses. I chose a long black dress, white Michael Kors sandals, and my white Michael Kors purse.

After picking out my comfy yet cute plane ride outfit, I took a quick shower and let my hair dry naturally while I applied light makeup. I tied my hair half up-half down in a black bow and turned off the light behind me.

Before I left for Massie’s I said my goodbyes to my mother and father, and of course my Persian cat, Kipper.

“Have fun darling! Did you remember your camera, and phone charger?” My mother asked.

“Yes, Mom..I’ve got everything.”

“Bye sweetie. Have the best time!” My dad kissed me on the cheek and gave me a tight squeeze.

“Bye!” I blew my parents kisses and walked out the door the front door towards the family Audi.

After a long hour drive to the airport we finally arrived.

“Girls, get together for a picture.” Massie’s mom said

We all gathered around the JFK sign and flashed mega-white smiles.

“I don’t want to be late, let’s gooooooooo.” Dylan whined

“Chill Dylan…we have like an hour.” Massie replied.

After baggage check and security our flight was finally boarding. Massie, Kristen, Dylan, Claire, and I walked towards the plane arms locked, and heads held high.

“Here’s to high hopes in Hollywood girlies!” Massie said as we stepped onto the plane and left New York behind.


So close you can almost taste it…

“Okay, so I need shampoo, conditioner, and a hairbrush.”
Alicia talked to herself as she made a mental note in her head of stuff she had to buy before the PC left for California the next week. Her skin had become slightly less glow-y since school had ended last week, and she could already smell tanning oil mixed with ocean air and Mango smoothies.

“Mom, I need to be at Massie’s house by 6:00 to help set up for the party tonight”
She yelled downstairs from her bedroom. Alicia set down the Michael Kors, silk, pajama shorts she was folding onto her pink damask duvet, and looked at the huge mess in her lime green bedroom. There were tops, pants, underwear, and many other clothing items thrown across her large bedroom.
“Oh, mom, tell Blanca to come clean up my room while I’m gone pretty please!” Blana had been the Rivera’s house maid for almost 15 years. She was like a second mother to Alicia.

“Okay honey, I will! Can we leave a little bit before 6:00? I have a yoga class, and Parker is out of town, so he can’t drive you.” Alicia’s mother’s voice came over the intercom on her bedside table.

“Yeah, I guess.” Alicia replied.

Alicia wore her favorite Victoria’s Secret bikini. It was yellow and made her skin look extra dark then it already does. Over her bikini she wore a black sarong and her yellow Michael Kors sandals. Her hair was in beach waves and her nails were painted hot pink.

Bathin suit
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